Step number 31 in England Premiership puts the thread in front of Aston Villa and Chelsea occupying position 15 ranked 5th position. Aston Villa came from 3-0 after stinging nfrangerea Arsenal, but is a reassuring situatiaacestora leaderboard, giving him an advance of 8 points above the relegation line and a game less than the remaining teams. Chelsea victory comes after the Champions League on his land Benfica1-0, but the victory which he raised morale after a draw with Tottenham 0-0PE terenpropiu lorla a rival Champions League this season.

Chelsea is ranked 5 on equal points with Newcasteocupanta place 6, Silas 5 points behind 4th place Tottenham. Aston Villa managed in their last 5 games to win once, drew twice and have two piuerdut while Chelsea has two wins, two defeats a egalsi. Aston Villa propiu field is a journey with 4 V-4 is -6, while Chelsea played in games have come away with 5 V-5 E-5I. Because motivation and good formeimai it has, Chelsea are favorites such paritde. To hope a shock League deChapions they are bound to win Saturday, which personalcred that will and do.

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